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26 Lessons for my 26th Birthday - Ceize The Day
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26 Lessons for my 26th Birthday

26 Lessons for my 26th Birthday

Today is the big 2-6! It’s crazy to think how fast life is passing by and how many more experiences I have ahead of me. I’ve just experienced enough as an adult to take care of myself and have an idea of where I want to go and who I want to be. To put it into perspective, it’s been 10 years since I got my driver’s license, eight years since graduating high school, five years of legally drinking cocktails, and four years in the workforce. It’s amazing how quickly time has passed and how many wonderful things have happened so far in life.

To honor these 26 years of this amazing life I’ve lived, here are 26 lessons I’ve learned so far!

  1. When things are going wrong, free yourself from being tied to your original plans.
  2. Running out of food doesn’t equate to the end of the world.
  3. Don’t let the crazy people get to you.
  4. Pasta and oil is a legitimate dinner, and berry cobbler is a legit breakfast.
  5. Add an egg onto anything and voila, gourmet meal!
  6. Take 15 minutes each morning to meditate, and you’ll be in a better head space for the rest of your day.
  7. Prioritize taking care of yourself!
  8. Drink enough water, dehydration doesn’t look good on anybody.
  9. Find the right crazy for you.
  10. Find a gym that you love, a routine you feel passionate about, and make your workouts non-negotiable.
  11. Tell your friends and family that you love them as often as you can, and show them your appreciation through acts of kindness.
  12. Be the best person that you can be, and treat everyone with respect.
  13. Take care of your skin – wear sunscreen, drink water, use facial oil and retinoid creams. It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin!
  14. Know how to make at least three classic cocktails and always have the ingredients on-hand for last minute entertaining.
  15. Send cards to loved ones to show them that you care.
  16. Work hard and always try your best, even if you fail you will have learned something.
  17. Make a budget and stick to it – most of the time.
  18. Eat your vegetables, you need them!!
  19. Find your team, your tribe, your collaborators, and your partners in crime and don’t let them go.
  20. Brunch is the best meal of all time and it’s worth every penny to enjoy it at a restaurant.
  21. If it’s important to you, prepare for it.
  22. Wear whatever makes you feel good, even if it’s the same look every day.
  23. Take the time to dance when the mood strikes.
  24. Run without music and run without a destination, it will free you.
  25. Do whatever makes you happy, you can always figure out how to make money.
  26. Enjoy every moment of every day; even if you have a bad day, make a point to enjoy the small things.

Here’s to another year of life, lessons, experiences and adventures! Do you have any lessons for turning 26?

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